Set Goals. Incentivise Action. Reward Results.

Whether your sales are generated by internal account managers, through channel partners, or by retailers, Allgo can help you maximise your top line with an effective sales incentive. And the great news is, the cost will be covered by incremental sales.

Using a powerful combination of our Reward Hub technology and our extensive Reward Catalogue or fixed-price Incentive Prizes, Allgo will design and run a sales incentive that engages and motivates your salesforce.

For longer term sales incentive (12 months+), Allgo recommends using a points-based programme to achieve repeat sales over an extended period. These programmes can incorporate gamification, with a leaderboard published at regular intervals, giving all participants an extra competitive motivation. For short term sales incentives (0-9 months), a 1st-past-the-post incentive with a standout aspirational prize can be a really powerful motivator.

Allgo brands each sales incentive specifically for our clients with branded incentive websites and rewards at the core of the programme. All incentive programmes include a comprehensive communication plan to keep your target audience informed and engaged as the programme progresses. This can be in the form of a regular newsletter or a personalised monthly eZine.

With proven ROIs from our extensive list of blue-chip clients, there is no better partner to design and run your sales incentive than Allgo.

Contact us today to see how we can help motivate the people who sell your products and services to maximise your sales – in a cost effective, tailored way.



Steps to Sales Incentive Success

Set Goals

Set clear and specific time-definite sales goals – per salesperson, per product, per market etc


Your programme needs to be specifically tailored to your sales goals, your budget and your salespeople profile


The launch phase is a one-off opportunity to make salespeople sit up and take notice, and generate an immediate impact


The operational key to running an efficient programme is the systematic measurement of sales, ideally via a centralised system


The more frequently the salesperson can receive their reward for sales made, the more effective it is


Once rewarded, the salesperson needs to be able to choose from a range of prizes that they find attractive


Regular communication is the lifeblood of sales incentives – circulating rankings and leaderboards can be very effective!


Your programme needs to evolve over time with regular reviews to tweaks to keep it fresh and engaging

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