Trend Micro Rewards

Sales Incentive, Channel Incentive, International, Multi-Lingual

The Challenge

Trend Micro is a global leader in IT security and leads the market in server security, cloud security, and small business content security. In Europe, Trend Micro sells data security licences through a reseller network of 60,000 IT companies.

With such a large and diverse reseller channel, spread across an extensive geographic area, and operating in over a dozen languages, the challenge for Trend Micro was to develop an integrated sales, marketing and incentive strategy that would effectively keep Trend Micro security top-of-mind for resellers across Europe.

The strategy called for an effective sales incentive programme that would integrate effectively best-of-breed systems such as Salesforce CRM, Marketing Automation, and Telesales to produce a powerful sales-generating machine. And the programme would have to generate incremental sales that demonstrated a clear ROI.

The Programme

Allgo developed, a multi-lingual, international channel incentive at the centre of a data-driven, targeted, sales strategy that has delivered hugely impressive results across 20 European markets.

The programme uniquely leverages the power of 4 high performance sales tools to maximise results:

  1. Salesforce CRM to track customer sales in real-time and allow targeted incentives for different channel segments
  2. Marketo Marketing Automation to provide regular automated personalised incentive communications
  3. Telesales Account Management to personally leverage the incentive, especially towards the end of the quarter
  4. Allgo Incentive Platform to power the overall sales strategy and manage the entire incentive programme

At the end of each quarter, resellers who achieve their sales objectives are emailed rewards, which they can then spend on on their choice of local great Shopping gift cards, Travel vouchers, and Experiences. Special promotional prizes such as a week-long holiday on the “Worry-Free” island of Lopud in Croatia add extra spice to the incentive at key times of the year.

Allgo Channel Incentive

Trend Micro Rewards – In Numbers

  • 60,000 IT Company Resellers targeted across Europe
  • 6,000 Rewards processed per year
  • 800+ Rewards offered
  • 20 Countries
  • 8 Languages
  • 4 Segmented Incentives (Worry-Free, Smart Rewards, Kickstart, 2K Dash)

The Result

Thanks to the real-time sales tracking in Salesforce, results and ROI of the programme are systematically tracked, and the following impressive results have been produced-

  • 153% increase in sales of established security brands across EMEA
  • 200% increase in sales pipeline for newly launched product suite
  • 19% increase in distributor sales
  • 7-to-1 ROI: for every €1 invested in the programme, Trend Micro has achieved 7 times the return in gross revenue.

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