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Empower your employees to recognise colleagues for work that supports your company values and goals.


Peer Recognition Overview 

All employees get nomination credits to reward colleagues with. Nominations are made on the programme website, each with a value and a short explanation. Nominations can be subject to approval or not.

Successfully nominated employees receive a branded, personalised email with their reward. Their Line Manager can also be notified by email. And a shout-out can made on the website timeline for others to like or comment.

Rewards earned can be banked and spent in the online Reward Store for hundreds of  gift cards, eCodes and products from the top retail, ecommerce, travel, hospitality, leisure, lifestyle, experiential and technology brands.

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How it Works

1. Nomination Credits

Each employee gets a nomination budget (each month, quarter, or year) to award colleagues with. There are different Nomination Levels so for example people managers with a lot of direct reports can get more nomination credits that those with smaller teams or with no direct reports. Nomination credits can have a value that translates into rewards with each nomination (eg 1 Nomination Credit = €0.10 = 1 Reward Point). Credits can expire or be carried over to the next month, quarter, or year.

2. Nominating

To nominate, you simply log into the programme website, look up the colleague by name, select a value (and behaviour if needed), and give a short reason. There can be different reward levels like Gold, Silver or Bronze or a Simple Thanks nomination with no reward attached. Nominations made can either be subject to approval by a programme admin, or can be automatically deduced from the nominator’s credit balance.

3. Recognition

Approved nominations are emailed to the nominee with all the details of who nominated them and the reason why. The nominee’s Line Manager can also be notified by email encourage them to add their personal acknowledgement. The nomination can also appear as a Shout-out on the timeline on the programme website for others to see, like and comment.

4. Rewards

Nominated employees receive Reward Points, and can bank and spent them online in the programme Reward Store. The Reward Store offers a country-specific  catalogue of rewards like retail gift cards, ecommerce codes, travel vouchers, hospitality packages, leisure & lifestyle activities, adventure experiences, and technology products. Orders are fulfilled by Allgo and its partners within 3-5 days (or immediately for digital gift cards).

Tax-Compliance / Tax-Savings

By centralising your recognition activities onto a single platform, you not only benefit from insights and analytics for your programme, you also ensure your employee recognition is tax-compliant. Simple data reports, together with in-depth management dashboards deliver the key data on your programme by department, location, or tax jurisdiction.

And in Ireland, your employee recognition programme can be made completely tax-free up to €500 per employee per year. We do this by configuring your programme to comply with the Small Benefit Scheme. Just ask us for details.Allgo Reward Hub

Branded Websites

A integral part of every Allgo Peer Recognition programme is the branded website which allows for participants to nominate colleagues, build, check and spend points, and keep up to date with the latest programme info. They can also feature Shout-outs on the homepage timeline, giving a real time display of nominations together with the ability to like and comment.

Sky Reward Hub
Barrelmen Rewards
SCL Sales Points Website
SL Controls Reward Website
Audi Finance Website
Reward Link Website
Calcul Rewards Website
EPIC Points Website

Tailored Reward Store

Points earned on Allgo Peer Recognition programmes are spent online on a massive catalogue of exciting and desirable rewards. Allgo work with each client to select the most appealing rewards for their incentive participants from Allgo’s extensive Reward Catalogue.

Reward CatalogueRewards can include retail gift cards, digital vouchers, technology products, sporting goods, seasonal hampers, travel & hotel vouchers, dining out, spa breaks and adventure experiences. Allgo Points offers rewards from across Ireland, the UK, Europe, Middle East, US and Asia starting from as little as €5 and going up to €10,000. Allgo also offers an exciting catalogue of special event Incentive Prizes at a fixed cost for your reward or incentive programme.

Find out more about the Allgo Reward Store >

Branded Comms

Branded communication keeps all participants informed and engaged with the programme, provides for proper recognition of recipients, and makes the experience much more impactful.  From launch events to company town halls, from electronic disposals to direct mail, Allgo will propose the best mix of comms to ignite your programme.

Every Allgo Peer Recognition programme comes with a branded quarterly eZine to give the highlights on the programme, sample nominations, new opportunities to earn rewards, new brands available in the Reward Store (see examples below)-

Allgo Recognition Pricing

Allgo offers it technology, rewards, expertise as a managed service with simple, cost-effective pricing. There are two charges – 1. Service Fees and 2. Rewards.

1. Service Charges

  • Set-up Charge: €995 – €1,995
  • Monthly Fee:
    • First 1,000 employees: €2 per employee per month (min €250)
    • Second 1,000 employees: €1 per employee per month
    • Subsequent 1,000 employees: €0.50 per employee per month

2. Reward Costs

  • Reward Store: Face Value + 10%
  • Tax-Free Mastercard: Face Value + delivery

Note: we only charge on points spent, not on points issued!

Allgo Peer Recognition – Features

Programme FeaturesRecognition FeaturesReward Features
Programme Consultancy & DevelopmentAutomated Service AwardsCustomised Reward Store per Country (global)
Branded Programme Website (mobile responsive)Automated Birthday RewardsReward Fulfillment
Branded Reward EmailsReward Hub Portal (for issuing one-off rewards)Customer Service
Reward Points Customisation (name, value, expiry etc)Peer RecognitionIn-Programme Promotions (double points, bonus points, jackpot prizes etc)
Line Manager Email Notification (optional)Manager AwardsClient Success Manager
Multi-Lingual SupportSocial RecognitionProgramme Analytics
Multi-Currency SupportNomination Credits Customisation (tiered levels, issue frequency, carry-over etc)On-Demand Data Reports
Regular Branded Programme eZinesNomination Approvals (optional)Management Presentations
Employee Database ManagementSimple Thanks (zero reward nominations)Full Budget Control
Single Sign-OnIn-App MessagingCost Effective Pricing
API IntegrationIn-App Manager Team Overview

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