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Rewards to Engage, Motive, Inspire

Allgo has partnered with the top retail, ecommerce, travel, hospitality, leisure, lifestyle, experiential and product reward partners across the globe to offer an unrivalled comprehensive reward catalogue for our clients to choose from.

Allgo’s Reward Catalogue includes 2000 retail, digital, technology, travel, leisure, merchandise and experiences across Ireland, the UK and Europe, starting from as little as €5 and going up to €10,000.

We tailor our catalogues specifically for each client to ensure it fully engages and inspires their staff and matches their required budget.

Our catalogue motto is “give people what they really want!”. That means our catalogues offer plenty of choice and don’t force people to pick the “best from bad lot” because that’s not what a reward should be!

Allgo’s Extensive Reward Catalogue

2000 retail, digital, technology, travel, leisure, merchandise and experiences across Ireland, the UK and Europe.  Rewards start from as little as €10 and go up to €10,000 

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Steps to Reward Success

Set Goals

Rewards come at the end of a process that results in a goal being reached – 1st step is to set that reward goal


Rewards need to be tailored for your audience – based on factors such as age, demographics, location, and tastes


Expensive rewards are not always best, but you do need to set a budget to spend on a reward programme


Use an external provider to avoid having to source, store, and dispose of a stock of often unwanted service gifts

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