How Employee Rewards can help Recruitment & Retention

With the unemployment rate down to 6.2%, the lowest rate for 10 years, it is no surprise that Recruitment & Retention will be the Top 2 HR Challenges in Ireland this year.

By the end of 2018, it is forecast that the number of people employed in Ireland will exceed even those levels at the height of the economic boom in the noughties. And according to a recent survey from Aperture Partners, 68% of Irish workers say they would consider moving from their current employer in 2018.

Irish HR Professionals are well aware of the trends. In the latest IBEC HR Survey, 64% of companies reported that attracting and retaining talent would be their main priority in 2018.

The question Allgo asks is – how can Employee Rewards help with Recruitment & Retention in the current environment?

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Learn how employee reward programmes can help by-

eBook: How Employee Rewards Can Improve Recruitment & Retention

  • Building a strong Corporate Culture
  • Getting Managers to Reward Staff more
  • Recognising Employee Performance
  • Making Bonuses Tax-Free
  • Revamping your Service Awards
  • Replacing December-only gift cards with year-round rewards

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