Definitive Guide to Performance Incentives

Performance incentives encourage higher performance among your employees by offering rewards (either cash or non-cash) for achieving pre-defined performance measures (such as sales targets).

While there is some overlap, bonuses differ from performance incentives in that bonuses cover a wider range of purposes (eg variable pay, company performance), can be both discretionary and non-discretionary, and tend to be more retrospective in nature. Performance incentives are forward-looking and KPI-based, and aim to engage employees in a way that neither bonuses nor commission can.

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  • What Performance Incentives can be used for
  • Types of Performance Incentives
  • Types of Rewards
  • Steps to a Successful Performance Incentive
  • Calculating the ROI on Performance Incentives
  • Mistakes to Avoid in your Incentive Programme
  • Case Studies

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