Incentivise Referrals. Reap the Rewards. 

One of the most powerful ways of winning new business or finding great new employees is through referrals – either from customers, employees or business partners. Across the globe, and especially in Ireland, personal introductions and recommendations count for a lot, and greatly increases the chances of sales success.

How can you harness the power of referrals in an ongoing way? How to implement an effective referral programme that will generate qualified leads in a sustainable and profitable way?

Allgo offers 2 types of referral programme based –
1) Reward-based – where you acknowledge a referral that results in new business or a new hire, by sending the referer an unsolicited gift or reward as a way of thanks; and

2) Incentive-based – where a structured programme is put in place and potential referrers are made aware of the incentives on offer. These incentives can be in the form of points (for frequent high volume sales), or prizes (for one-off high value sales).

Allgo has the Technology and Reward Catalogue to put the perfect referral programme in place for your business, and your budget. And we can offer a self-service or fully managed programme, depending on your requirements.


Steps to Referral Programme Success

Decide What

Decide what and how much you would like each type of sales lead, business win is worth to the business

Decide Type

Reward or Incentive referral programme? Internal or Customer / Channel based?

Decide Rewards

Decide what type of rewards are appropriate for different types of business referrals

Select a Supplier

Appoint an experienced reward partner to advise and manage programme on an ongoing basis

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