SEAT Sales Points

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The Challenge

As car sales in Ireland began to recover in 2014/2015, SEAT Ireland were looking to increase their market share, which was below the European average for the brand.

SEAT wanted to engage salespeople in the dealer network with a strong incentive that would grab attention, and achieve standout for the SEAT brand among salespeople (who typically sell up to 4 competing marques).  The incentive had to have a clear sales-performance focus, with an easy-to-understand mechanic and a range of rewards that would highly appeal to car salespeople across Ireland.

The Programme

Allgo created a branded catalogue with rewards specifically chosen to appeal to the target audience. The rewards included electronics, sports & leisure equipment, hotel & restaurant packages, adventure activities and holidays abroad. The SEAT Reward catalogue was printed in a glossy brochure format and circulated to all sales people in the SEAT dealer network (and to their partners!)

A branded website showed a table of SEAT Sales Points that could be earned for each SEAT model sold during the promotional period.

SEAT Ireland provided Allgo with a monthly sales report showing registered sales by dealer and by salesperson. Allgo allocated SEAT Sales Points by email and text message for each SEAT sold, and the sales people could redeem their points for any of the rewards on a branded Sales Points website that Allgo maintained. An ongoing eZine and direct mail communication programme kept the engagement levels high through the incentive.

The Result

Sales of SEAT car sales increased 12% during the promotion and helped SEAT Ireland achieve its challenging unit sales target and market share objective for the year.

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