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SL Controls TotalCoins Reward Programme

Tax-Free Self-Service Employee Rewards

The Challenge

SL Controls are leaders in the integration of industrial automation equipment and control systems in highly regulated environments. With headquarters in Sligo, SL Controls employs 70 Staff in 4 locations – Sligo, Galway, Limerick, and Dublin. SL Controls wanted to introduce an ongoing employee Reward & Recognition programme, which would have 3 elements-

  1. Long Service
  2. Think Ahead Award (employee nominations)
  3. Manager to Employee Awards

To keep costs to a minimum, SL Controls wanted to avail of a self-service model as much as possible, and also wanted to ensure the programme complied with the €500 Small Benefit Scheme.

The Solution

Allgo set up a branded reward website for SL Controls to act as the central hub for all employees on the reward programme. The website reflects the SL Controls corporate branding and colours, and is used for all 3 elements of the employee reward programme.

Allgo also set up a branded points currency for the programme, with an agreed value per point. The points are branded “TotalCoins” to support an existing SL Controls brand.

Authorised SL Controls Managers and HR were given logins to the Reward Hub platform to self-manage the programme. From there, they can award TotalCoins to employees on any of the 3 programme elements up to agreed monthly budget limits. Awarded points are sent to employees by email and SMS once approved.

To comply with the Small Benefit Scheme, employees can build their points (up to €500) throughout the year, and from Dec 1st are able to redeem them online for a huge catalogue of rewards – including retail gift cards, website eCodes, technology products, hotel & travel, dining rewards, and great days out.

Allgo handles all customer service and queries, and ensures fulfilment of rewards ordered within 10 working days.

The Allgo Reward Hub provides a centralised reporting module to download and analysis all activity on the programme.

The Result

Using the Allgo Reward Hub platform, SL Controls manages all employee rewards from a single system, gaining full oversight and reporting on the programme at all times.

The programme runs all year and is fully compliant with the Small Benefit Scheme. In combination with the self-management option of the Allgo Reward Hub, this provides SL Controls with an extremely cost-effective and tax-efficient ongoing employee reward & recognition solution that benefits both the company and the employees throughout the year.

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