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The Challenge

Allgo provides the technology, service and rewards that power many employee reward programmes and sales incentives throughout Ireland and the globe. However up until the start of 2018, we had never run a structured reward programme in our own organisation. So we decided that it was long overdue and, hey presto, Allgo L!VE peer-2-peer was born!

Launched in Feb 2018, the programme empowers staff to decide when and how much to reward their co-workers. And the goal is to bring our company values and behaviours to life – hence the name Allgo L!VE.

We have poured everything we have learned about employee rewards and recognition into this programme, and want it to become a living testimonial to all we believe about the power of recognition. Oh, and it also provides tax-free rewards for all our employees.

The Programme

Allgo Live Peer-2-Peer

How it works is that each staff member gets 10 reward credits per month to award to fellow Allgo’ers for good work that supports the company’s core values.

To make an award, a team member opens on desktop or mobile, looks up the team member to reward, selects the Core Value and Behaviour and gives a short reason for the award. Then they decide whether to award 1, 2 or 3 Thumbs Up (each Thumbs Up = €5).

And that’s it. There’s no approval needed. The nominated team member automatically receives a congratulations email, and the Thumbs Up are added to the balance of their Allgo L!VE reward account.

Reward credits don’t carry over, so any credits not awarded by the end of the month are lost.

To make the rewards tax-free (ie to comply with the Small Benefit Scheme), team members build up their Thumps Up all year,  but can only spend their Thumbs Up from January 1st, and only up to €500’s worth. Any excess Thumbs Up earned are paid through payroll in January.

The reward catalogue that Thumbs Up can be spent on includes retail gift cards, ecommerce codes, travel vouchers, hospitality packages, leisure & lifestyle activities, adventure experiences, and technology products.

Every week, the list of awards made are published on the website, and a monthly eZine highlights some of the standout awards from the month to keep engagement in the programme going.

The Result

In the first 6 months of the programme, here are the results acheived-

  • 100% Reward Rate*
  • 100% Awarded Rate**
  • 46% of available reward credits used
  • 11.8 average number of rewards made by each employee

*Reward Rate: no. of employees who successfully rewarded a co-worker divided by the total no. of employees eligible to nominate

**Awarded Rate: no. of employees successfully rewarded divided by the total no. of employees eligible to be rewarded

As the programme progresses, we will be reviewing and refining the Allgo L!VE programme and trying new in-programme initiatives to see the effect. We will of course share the results and learnings with our valued customers.

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