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Performance Incentives

Definitive Guide to Performance Incentives

Performance incentives encourage higher performance among your employees by offering rewards (either cash or non-cash) for achieving pre-defined performance measures (such as sales targets). While there is some overlap, bonuses differ from…

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Employee Engagement

HR Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement

High Employee Engagement in an organisation is a key indicator of company performance, and can make a significant difference across a host of business criteria, including: Download our lasted eBook “The HR Manager’s Guide…

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5 Tips on Choosing Employee Rewards

As reported recently by Forbes, there can up to five generations working side by side in today’s workforce. Finding the right employee rewards to please such a broad spectrum can be challenging, so…

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Jump In!

Top 3 Things to Know About

The Small Benefit Exemption Scheme was increased in last year’s budget from €250 to €500. This means that employers can reward each employee in 2016 up to €500 completely tax-free. Here are…

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New €500 Tax-Free Reward Limit

Under Irish Revenue’s Small Benefits Exemption Scheme, employers can now reward employees with a non-cash bonus of up to €500 in value completely tax free each year. Provided certain guidelines are followed…

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Allgo Awards

Allgo wins 2 International Awards

Allgo has scooped 2 awards at the prestigious Incentive & Motivation Awards 2016 in London. Allgo won in the Most Innovative Channel Incentive category for its hugely successful pan-European sales incentive for Trend Micro. Allgo also won…

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Life should be rewarding

Points Incentives

Points building is a great way to run many programmes, especially where the goal is to encourage repeated behaviour or actions. People have an innate sense of building towards a reward when…

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