Points Incentives: What's the point?

Points building is a great way to run many programmes, especially where the goal is to encourage repeated behaviour or actions. People have an innate sense of building towards a reward when earning points, and points schemes afford endless possibilities for gamification and positive communication. Points incentives are especially suitable for incentives whose objective is frequent repeated behaviour from the target audience.

Points can also be used in Irish companies to spread the full benefit of the €500 tax-free Small Benefit Exemption Scheme over a full year – by awarding points to employees throughout the year, and allowing redemption at the year’s end!

Points incentives offer some significant advantages over other form of incentives and bonuses, especially cash. The benefits of running a points incentive programme include-

  • Points incentives are self-financing in that the costs are directly linked to performance
  • Points building has strong historical engagement with people
  • Points incentives allow on-going positive communication of your brand to a key audience
  • Points programmes provide detailed performance data
  • Points programmes encourage repeat sales and loyalty
  • Rewards earned through points have higher trophy value, or perceived value, than cash
  • Points allow for competitive points leagues to be established
  • Points incentives can be more tax-efficient than cash bonuses


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