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Imagine if everyone in your company felt ownership for recognising the good actions of all the people who work there. If every employee was empowered to nominate rewards from their own personal reward budget. If the culture in your company was improved performance through peer encouragement rather than management instructions.

Allgo has developed a sophisticated Peer-to-Peer reward service that does exactly that – and is highly configurable so it can be tailored to any company’s individual requirements.

Allgo’s Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

Allgo’s Peer-to-Peer recognition service allocates a monthly or yearly nomination points budget to all staff members. Employees can then use their budget to nominate fellow employees (or managers!) for recognition for a pre-defined set of behaviours and actions.

Nominations can be made online, by freepost form or by phone. And for each nomination, a detailed reason needs to be given to support the reward. The person nominating can choose a gold, silver or bronze reward to accompany the nomination.

Nominations are then reviewed and approved centrally by HR. Once approved, the nominator, the nominee AND the nominee’s line manager are sent a confirmation email giving the reason for the nomination and the reward.

A branded points reward is then emailed to the successful nominee through Allgo’s Reward Hub. Employees who receive rewards can then login to the branded programme website and spend their award on a massive range of products, gift cards and experiences from Allgo’s Reward Catalogue.

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Steps to Reward & Recognition Success


Set clear and specific goals – employee engagement, culture change, performance improvement, etc


Your programme needs to specifically tailored to your objectives, your budget and your workforce profile


The launch phase is a one-off opportunity to make people sit up and take notice, and generate an immediate impact


The operational key to running an effective and efficient programme is the systematic measurement of the desired behaviours


The frequency and method of recognising employees is crucial, and needs to be designed to fit the structure and culture of the company


Once recognised, the employees need to be able to choose from a range of rewards that they find attractive


There is absolutely no point in running a programme if all employees are not regularly communicated to about it!


Your programme needs to evolve over time with regular reviews to tweaks to keep it fresh and engaging

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