Recruit People. Incentivise Participation. Reward Results.

The lifeblood of market research is people. Firstly, having the right number and profile of people and secondly, getting them to participate. Thirdly, any market research project needs to strict adhere to cost efficiencies to be successful.

The system of recruiting a panel of research customers can be both time consuming and costly. And once you have built a critical mass, it is imperative that they participate in sufficient numbers to ensure robust results.

Having an incentive system in place that engages all profile of audience is essential in building and activating a panel. Those incentives need to be easy and efficient to administer, especially for online panel research. And often research needs to be carried out internationally, or in Ireland on an all-island basis, so the incentives need to work across borders.

Allgo has worked with several market research companies over the years to develop a tailored solution that delivers on all the key requirements for the sector.

Allgo’s Market Research Incentive Service

  1. Choice of points, reward catalogue, and multi-retail vouchers to engage any research participant profile
  2. International awards available in 60 countries worldwide
  3. Reward Hub technology for easy administration of earn rewards
  4. Self-service or managed service reward options
  5. API suite for automatic integration of online panel research systems and Allgo rewards
  6. Branded rewards and reward website if required
  7. Fulfilment by Allgo of rewards ordered within 10 working days
  8. Customer service for all participants in relation to their rewards
  9. On demand and management report available for market research companies.

If you want a more engaged and motivated research panel, contact Allgo about a Market Research Incentive programme that will increase sales activity and drive results.


Steps to Market Research Success

Set Goals

Set clear and specific time-definite goals – per project, per participant, per market etc


Your programme needs to be specifically tailored to your research goals, your budget and your participant profile


The launch phase is a one-off opportunity to make people sit up and take notice, and generate an immediate recruitment impact 


The operational key to running an efficient programme is the systematic measurement of points earned, ideally with API automation for rewards


The more frequently the salesperson can receive their reward for sales made, the more effective it is


Once rewarded, the salesperson needs to be able to choose from a range of prizes that they find attractive


Regular communication is the lifeblood of sales incentives – circulating rankings and leaderboards can be very effective!


Your programme needs to evolve over time with regular reviews to tweaks to keep it fresh and engaging

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