Recognise. Reward. Reinforce

Reward programmes can have a powerful impact on the culture and performance of a company’s staff. Recognising an employee that goes the extra mile, or who achieves a remarkable result for the company is a must for companies who want to high-performing workforce.

However, if employees are recognised for their good actions weeks or months after the event, the impact is greatly reduced and the behaviour itself is not reinforced.

What’s needed is a way for managers to instantly reward an employee for their behaviour or result. By so doing so, managers will encourage these actions to become a habit, and over time this will positively impact the entire company culture.

Allgo’s Instant Reward Service

Allgo’s technology platform, the Allgo Reward Hub, allows managers and HR to instantly send rewards with a personal touch to employees – all within a predefined budget.

Rewards can be sent in the form or Points or Vouchers that are emailed in an instant, with optional SMS alert. Rewards are branded for the company, personalised with a message for each reward,  and can be redeemed online against Allgo’s massive Reward Catalogue.

Managers have a monthly budget for what they can award, and HR can have the final approval on all reward issued, if required.

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Steps to Reward & Recognition Success


Set clear and specific goals – employee engagement, culture change, performance improvement, etc


Your programme needs to specifically tailored to your objectives, your budget and your workforce profile


The launch phase is a one-off opportunity to make people sit up and take notice, and generate an immediate impact


The operational key to running an effective and efficient programme is the systematic measurement of the desired behaviours


The frequency and method of recognising employees is crucial, and needs to be designed to fit the structure and culture of the company


Once recognised, the employees need to be able to choose from a range of rewards that they find attractive


There is absolutely no point in running a programme if all employees are not regularly communicated to about it!


Your programme needs to evolve over time with regular reviews to tweaks to keep it fresh and engaging

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