Target. Engage. Sell

Sales promotions provide a powerful tool to quickly gain market traction for your brand. However, straight-up price discounts can be expensive and can undermine your brand values.

A creative sale promotion using for example cashback, prize draws, lotteries, product tie-ins, brand experiences, or free gifts can be more effective in engaging customers and delivering that sales boost.

The opportunity exists to not only target the end customer, but also the sales channel, and/or the retailer. In targeting the intermediaries, there may well be less background noise than with end consumers, and a sales promotion can really drive short-term sales through the distribution network.

Using a powerful combination of our Reward Hub technology and our extensive Reward Catalogue or fixed-price Incentive Prizes, Allgo can create and implement that stand-out sales promotion for your brand – one that will effectively and efficiently engage and animate your target audience

Steps to Sales Promotions Success


Set clear and specific sales goals for the promotion – and set the appropriate budget


Decide on who the target audience is – channel, retailer, end customer, or combination


Select the right team of creative and industry experts to design and plan the promotion


Select the right promotion type, creative, and implementation plan to deliver success

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