Engage. Interact. Excite.

Brand engagement provides opportunities for communications and experiences that add value to your customers’ lives and fosters a deeper relationship between them and your product.

Brands that engage customers are far better positioned for long-term success because brand engagement leads to loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing that money can’t buy, especially in the era of social media.

Using a powerful combination of our Reward Hub technology and our extensive Reward Catalogue or fixed-price Incentive Prizes, Allgo can create and implement a brand engagement promotion that will excite and animate your customers and get them to live your brand that little bit more. Like we did for Dolmio (see case study below), Allgo can deliver a reward or experience that matches your brand values and connects with your audience.

Steps to Brand Engagement Success

Get Creative

With a gift, experience or reward that resonates with your brand and your customers


Decide the budget for reward, delivery and communication of promotion


Decide on promotion format eg prize draw, sweepstake, scratch card etc


Deliver a strong comms programme to let your customers know about the promotion

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