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Tailored Incentive & Reward Programmes

Allgo Points is a Managed Points Platform, allowing us to brand and tailor a points programme specifically to your specifications.Alllgo Reward Hub

The Ultimate Points Platform

Allgo Points is a sophisticated online points solution, allowing points to be fully customised and branded for clients. Points can be instantly be awarded by email, SMS or printout. Points recipients build their points on a branded programme website, and can redeem their points for a catalogue of up to 2000 rewards from the Allgo Reward Catalogue. A branded communication programme ensures high levels of engagement on an ongoing basis.

Allgo Points is the market leading points-based incentive and reward solution. Fully managed to deliver results without the need to provide extensive admin resources, Allgo Points is used by Irish and global companies to run-

Employees Rewards  |  Sales & Channel Incentives  |  Performance Incentives  |  Nomination-Based Rewards

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Allgo Points – Features

  1. Branded Incentive & Reward Programmes
  2. Branded & Tailored Reward Points
  3. Premium Branded Reward Website with Leaderboard (optional)
  4. Online Nomination Module (optional)
  5. Sales Recording Feature Available
  6. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Points Allocation by Allgo
  7. Points Notifications by Email / SMS
  8. Participant Database Management by Allgo
  9. Participant Registration Module (optional)
  10. Secure Participant Logins or Single Sign-On
  11. API Integration Available
  12. Reward Ordering Online or by Phone
  13. Reward Fulfillment & Customer Service
  14. In-programme promotions –eg double points, bonus points, special offers, jackpot prizes
  15. Monthly Branded eZine
  16. Quarterly Management Reports
  17. Dedicated Account Manager
  18. Points redeemed for a tailored choice of gift cards, ecommerce codes, technology products, wellness rewards, travel, leisure, hotels, restaurants, spas, entertainment,
    experiences and more
  19. Compatible for Small Benefit Scheme (Ireland only)

Branded Websites

An integral part of every Allgo Points programme is the branded website which allows for participants to interact with the programme, build, check and spend points, and keep up to date with the latest programme info.

Allgo Points websites can be customised to our clients’ requirements – sales incentives, reward & recognition etc. Multi-lingual, multi-country programmes are supported. Participant registration, sales recording, peer-to-peer nominations, league tables are all available.

Sky Reward Hub
Barrelmen Rewards
SCL Sales Points Website
SL Controls Reward Website
Audi Finance Website
Reward Link Website
Calcul Rewards Website
EPIC Points Website

Tailored Reward Catalogue

Points earned on the Allgo Points programmes are spent online (or by phone) on a massive catalogue of exciting and desirable rewards. Allgo work with each client to select the most appealing rewards for their incentive participants from Allgo’s extensive Reward Catalogue.

Reward CatalogueRewards can include retail gift cards, digital vouchers, technology products, sporting goods, seasonal hampers, travel & hotel vouchers, dining out, spa breaks and adventure experiences. Allgo Points offers rewards from across Ireland, the UK, Europe, Middle East, US and Asia starting from as little as €5 and going up to €10,000. Allgo also offers an exciting catalogue of special event Incentive Prizes at a fixed cost for your reward or incentive programme.

Find out more on the Allgo Reward Catalogue page >

Branded Comms

Branded communication keeps all participants informed and engaged with the programme, provides for proper recognition of recipients, and makes the experience much more impactful.  From launch events to company town halls, from electronic disposals to direct mail, Allgo will propose the best mix of comms to ignite your programme.

Every Allgo Points programme comes with a branded monthly eZine to give the highlights on the programme, winners from past month, new opportunities to earn rewards, new rewards (see examples below)-

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Allgo Points Brochure

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