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Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

The Ultimate Gift Card!

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the use-anywhere gift card that gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where you spend – instore, online and even abroad. And it can be bought by companies for their Irish employees completely tax-free up to €500 on the  Small Benefit Scheme.Order Now

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Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Optional Extras

Choose from the following value-added extras when you place your Allgo Mastercard Gift Card order

Express Order
Guaranteed dispatch of cards within 24 hours of invoice payment receipt. Standard orders are dispatched by overnight courier within 4 working days of invoice payment receipt.

Allgo Mastercard Greeting CardGreeting Card
Greeting card inside each card envelope with your message printed in black & white. Card size 10.5cm x 9cm. Max 60 words. On the reverse side is the Allgo logo with the dedicated cardholder web address

Allgo Mastercard - Branded Greeting CardBranded Greeting Card
Branded greeting card inside each card envelope, specially designed by us with your logo and message printed in colour. Card size 10.5cm x 9cm. Max 60 words. The reverse side is blank.

Branded Card CarrierBranded Card Carrier
By default, each Allgo Mastercard Gift Card comes in an individual Allgo card carrier inside a mini-envelope. This card carrier wallet contains important info for the cardholder, including the card’s value printed on the inside. We can fully brand the outside of the card carrier (front and back) with your company logo and colours. Adds 1 week to order leadtimes.

Allgo Mastercard Gift CardBranded Card
We can fully brand the card itself with your colours and logo. The design must be approved in advance by Mastercard, which adds to the lead time required. Adds 6 weeks to leadtimes.


Allgo Mastercard Individual Delivery

Individual Delivery
If you have remote staff, and you know their home addresses, we can send individual Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards directly to them. For security, each card is locked to an Activation Code (which can be an employee ID, an email address, or a randomly generated code). When the cards are dispatched, Allgo will email the Activation Code to each employee (or give the full list to the company). The card recipient then unlocks the card by registering on and entering the Activation Code.

Order My Gift CardIndividual Delivery via Order Portal
If you have remote staff, and you are not 100% sure of all their home addresses, you can make use of our Order Portal, where employees can login in and order their gift card to be sent to the address of their choice. We will email your staff with a PIN to log into the order portal,, and invite them to order their gift card for direct delivery to them by post. For security, each card is locked to the order PIN. When the employee receives their card, they then unlock the card by registering on and entering the PIN.

For pricing on all the above optional extras, please visit our Allgo Mastercard Pricing Page

10 Reasons to Choose the
Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Ireland

  1. Use anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – instore, online, abroad.
  2. 100% secured by Mastercard.
  3. Certified by Revenue for Small Benefit Scheme – tax-free for Irish employers up to €500.
  4. Guaranteed Irish company.
  5. No commission charged to retailers for accepting the card.
  6. No PIN required – simply swipe and sign at checkout.
  7. Register your card for secure online payments at
  8. Easy online balance check at
  9. Full transaction history available online.
  10. FREE access to exclusive Mastercard offers on

Guaranteed Irish Logo

How to Order

  1. Fill out the online order form
  2. Receive invoice by email
  3. Pay invoice by bank transfer or debit/credit card (2.5% fee)
  4. Complete our Client Security Form (first time customers only)
  5. Receive cards (unloaded)
  6. Email us to activate cards

We only sell to businesses, not to consumers. Orders can be turned around in 24 hours from invoice payment for Express Orders, or in 4 working days for standard orders. For full ordering details, please visit our Allgo Mastercard Ordering FAQs page

Order Now

For pricing, please see our Allgo Mastercard Pricing page

Using your Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is our dedicated cardholders website where you can check card balances, get transaction history, and find answers to frequently asked  questions about using the card

Download the Allgo Mastercard Sales Brochure

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Brochure

Download the sales brochure to get all features and pricing – and we’ll also email you a copy. If you already have a card, click here for our User Guide

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