Allgo Mastercard – Physical Gift Cards


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Allgo Mastercard Card Charges

Physical Gift Cards

The basic cost for Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards is €1 – €5 per card, depending on the size of your order-

                              • Band 1: €5 – €10 – €5,000
                              • Band 2: €4 – €5,001 – €10,000
                              • Band 3: €3 – €10,001 – €20,000
                              • Band 4: €2 – €20,001 – €100,000
                              • Band 5: €1 – €100,001 – €200,000
                              • Band 6: €0 – €200,001+

For delivery and optional extra costs, please see below.

Allgo Mastercard Delivery Options

Physical Gift Cards

Bulk Delivery

Bulk DeliverPhysical cards are bulk delivered by courier to your business location(s) for onward distribution to recipients. Cards can be grouped by manager/department. This is the default delivery option for physical gift card orders. Card recipients activate their cards by opening an online account via and unlocking their card by entering the same last name as in the Order Spreadsheet.

  • €15 per order (up to 100 Cards)
  • €25 per order (over 100 Cards)
  • €35 per order (in EU)

Individual Delivery

If you have remote staff, and you know their home addresses, we can send individual physical cards directly to them by post. For security, each card is locked to an Activation Code.

Minimum order 10 cards (€35)

Order Portal

With our Order Portal, employees login to and order their physical gift card for posting to the address of their choice. For security, we email your staff with a personal PIN to access the order portal. This PIN also serves as each employee’s card Activation Code.

Minimum order 50 cards (€275).

Important: Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards are licensed for delivery to EU countries only.

Allgo Mastercard Optional Extras

Physical Gift Cards

Add to Google Pay / Apple Pay
Not yet available with the Allgo Mastercard physical gift card. Currently only available with the Digital+ version.
Cost: N/A


Express Order
We will process your order ready for dispatch within 24 hours of payment receipt. If your order is not ready within 24 hours of payment receipt, we will refund the Express Order charge to you. Express Order does NOT mean you will receive your order within 24 hours of ordering as payment must be received before cards can be processed.
Cost: +€1 per card


Personalised Message
Your message will be printed in black & white on the DL-sized card carrier inside each card envelope. Your personalised message will replace the default greeting “Hi, here is your new Allgo Mastercard Gift Card.”
Cost: +€0.50 per card


Company Logo
Your company logo will be printed in colour on the outside of each envelope.
You just need to provide us with a high res version of your logo in jpeg or png format.
Cost: +€0.75 per card


Greeting Card 
We will design and print a colour greeting card with your logo and message. Our greeting cards are DL size (99mm x 210mm) and are printed in colour on a single side. Double-sided colour greeting cards are available for €1.75 per card. Minimum order 200 greeting cards.
Cost: +€1 per card


Branded Card Carrier
By default, each Gift Card is presented in an Allgo DL card carrier. This contains important info for the cardholder, including the card’s value printed on reverse side. We can fully brand the outside of the card carrier with your company logo and colours. Adds 1 week to order lead times.
Cost: +€1 per card (min order 200 card carriers)

Allgo MastercardOrder Process

Physical Gift Cards

Step 1

Place your Order Online

Place your physical gift card order here. You need to upload a spreadsheet of recipients with each order (download the spreadsheet template from the order page).

Step 2

Pass the Security Checks

All business clients need to pass regulatory security checks before an order can proceed (a process known as KYB or Know Your Business). You may be asked to submit a online security questionnaire. We cannot issue your order invoice until these checks are successfully completed.

Step 3

Receive Invoice by Email

Once you have passed the security checks, we will email you the order invoice, normally on the same day. The invoice will contain the bank details to pay into.

Step 4Pay Invoice by-

a) Bank Transfer – your invoice will contain a unique IBAN to route your payment directly into your client wallet.
b) Debit / Credit Card – your invoice will contain a Stripe link to pay securely online (3% fee applies).
c) Cheque or Cash.

Step 4Order Processing & Dispatch

Standard Orders are processed ready for dispatch within 4 working days of invoice payment receipt.

Express Orders are processed ready for dispatch within 24 hours of payment receipt. For physical cards, bulk delivery of both standard and express orders is by overnight courier.

Before dispatch, Allgo will email an Activation Code to the order contact, which will need to be given to each card recipient for card activation

Step 6Activation

ALL Mastercard Gift Cards must be registered and activated online by the card recipient.

To activate your Physical Gift Card

  1. Click ACTIVATE MY CARD on
  2. Click Login or Create Account.
  3. In your account, go to My Cards, and click Add a Card.
  4. Enter your Card Details and your Last Name exactly as it appears on the card carrier and the Activation Code provided to the order contact.

Allgo MastercardTop 10 FAQs

Physical Gift Cards

Q1. Can Allgo Mastercard gift cards really be spent anywhere?
A. Yes, everywhere that accepts Mastercard worldwide, with just a few exceptions.

For legal, regulatory and anti-fraud reasons, the cards cannot be used for – gambling transactions, recurring payments (eg monthly subscriptions or utility bills), charity donations, or any payment or banking services that can result in cash being withdrawn from the cards (eg ATMs, Paypal etc). There are also a small number of merchants who cannot process pre-paid cards – these include Three Ireland Stores, Vodafone Ireland Stores, and some Circle K, Applegreen and Maxol stations.

Q2. What is the difference between physical and digital?
A. The Allgo Mastercard physical gift cards are single-load, prepaid gift cards that can be spent instore by swiping through the card machine at checkout or online by first registering the card via for 3D Secure. They can’t be added to Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Digital+ cards are emailed to recipients, who can then add them to Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing them to be spent instore as well as online.

Q3. Can physical cards be added to Google Pay / Apple Pay?
No. Only Digital+ gift cards can currently be added to Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Q4.Do I need to activate my card before spending? A. Yes, ALL Mastercard Gift Cards must be activated via by the card recipient. Full activation instructions are sent with each card and can be found for each card type on

Q5. How do the physical cards work?
A. The physical card can be spent in practically any business premises that accepts Mastercard by swiping the card through the card machine and signing for your purchase – there’s no PIN required.

To spend online, you first register the card via and enable 3D Secure by entering your mobile number. You then simply use the card numbers on any ecommerce website with a verification code sent by SMS to your mobile number to confirm your purchase.

Q6. How does Digital+ cards work?
A. Allgo Digital+ can be spent online AND can be added to Google Pay or Apple Pay. When you receive your card by email, there is a link to download the Get My eCard App to your mobile (Android or iOS) – this allows your card to be verified by Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can also use the card numbers online on any ecommerce website. You can check your card balance and view your transactions in the Get My eCard App on your phone.

Q7. How does Online Only work?
A. You receive an email with your Allgo Mastercard card numbers, which you can then use on any ecommerce site worldwide. To avoid any security issues, we recommend that you register the card via and enable 3D Secure. Registering your card will also allow you to view all your Online Only transactions.

Q8. How secure are the funds on the cards?
A. The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is an e-money product, issued by EML Money DAC and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. All card funds are fully secured in a Settlement Account in the Bank of Ireland. Funds in this account can only be accessed to settle card transactions and to pay Allgo for order charges and card fees.

Therefore, in the unlikely event of either Allgo Rewards or EML Money DAC becoming insolvent, your card funds are secure and the cards will continue to work as normal.

Q9. Do the cards depreciate?
A. There is no charge to use the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card for the first 12 months after the card is loaded. After 12 months, there is a €3 charge per month on any unused balance. This charge pays for the costs of providing and maintaining the card.

These costs include bank charges, payment processing fees, card funds safeguarding, anti-fraud measures, regulation & compliance, technology platform costs, customer service for cardholders, and company salaries and overheads.

Q10. How long does it take to order cards?
A. We can only process orders once we have received the funds to load onto the cards. So leadtimes depend on how quickly the invoice is paid. Standard orders are processed ready for dispatch within 4 working days of payment receipt. Express Orders are processed ready for dispatch within 24 hours of payment receipt.

For physical cards, delivery of both standard and express orders is by overnight courier. For digital cards, delivery is to the individual recipient by email.