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AllGifts Vouchers

branded multi-retailer gift vouchers

Ireland’s best multi-retailer vouchers that are branded for your company, personalised with your message, available in digital and print format options, and offer an unrivalled redemption choice.AllGifts Corporate Vouchers (Digital-Print)

And the best news yet is that AllGifts Vouchers can be bought by companies for their Irish employees completely tax-free up to €1,000 on the Small Benefit Scheme.


AllGifts Voucher Formats

AllGifts Vouchers come in three formats:

1. Digital Format
Digital eVouchers for instant sending by email. As standard, AllGifts eVouchers are emailed as PDF attachments directly to your end recipients (and you can also send an SMS alert if you like). Alternatively,  we can email you the PDF vouchers or give you access to a Reward Hub portal to download the vouchers yourself – either as PDFs or as a spreadsheet of voucher codes. Either way, you can add your logo and your message for free to give your vouchers that personal touch!


2. Printed Vouchers
We will print the AllGifts Vouchers with your company logo and voucher message included. As standard, the vouchers are presented in a company-branded sleeve. There is also an optional extra of presenting your vouchers in a beautiful premium gift box (€5 additional charge per voucher). The printed vouchers can either be sent in bulk to the company (€15 per delivery), or delivered directly to your recipients (€3 per voucher).

AllGifts Corporate Vouchers

10 Reasons to Choose
AllGifts Corporate Vouchers

  1. Huge redemption choice – from all the top retail brands, hospitality and activities across Ireland, north & south.
  2. Supports our partner Irish businesses across Ireland.
  3. Digital and printed formats available.
  4. Branding and voucher messaging included for free.
  5. Free delivery of digital vouchers.
  6. Optional extras include premium gift box presentation and individual printed voucher delivery.
  7. Free corporate portal – Reward Hub – to issue and manage your own vouchers.
  8. Vouchers are valid for 5 years.
  9. Certified by Revenue for Small Benefit Scheme – tax-free for Irish employers up to €1,000.
  10. Guaranteed Irish company.

Guaranteed Irish

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