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Your channel partners can make the difference between a successful sales quarter or a disappointing one. Getting your channel partners, resellers or distributors to engage more with your company and your brand will yield significant incremental sales in a competitive environment.

However, channel partners typically work with multiple brands, so keeping yours top of mind and central to their interaction with end customers is key. So how best can this be achieved? The answer lies in the actual people who work in the channel, more so even than the partner companies themselves. If you can incentivise down to the individual channel sales person in an effective way, then you are winning in the channel. And Allgo can help you do just that.

Allgo’s Channel Incentives

Allgo’s Channel Incentive service combines powerful Reward Hub technology with our extensive Reward Catalogue to provide a tailored, branded incentive programme, specifically targeted at the people in your channel who will make a difference to your brand.  The service comprises-

  1. SET-UP
    Allgo will work with you to brand your incentive in an exciting and engaging way that adheres to your own brand guidelines. You can choose the name and value of the points to be awarded for each channel sale and each product in the incentive. You can also decide to award points for any other measurable action eg completing training modules, undertaking marketing exercises etc.
    You can select and opt-in or opt-out registration process. Opt-in means targeted channel people are invited to register for the incentive. Allgo can provide an online registration form, and/or a paper registration form, which your reps can use to record registration details of selected channel partners in the field. And you can approve all registrations before they are admitted to the programme. Or, if you already have a comprehensive database of channel partner details,  you can simply opt them into the incentive from the start.

Allgo will send a welcome email (and provide a printed welcome pack) to all registered participants with their login details for the incentive website (see below).


Allgo will provide a branded incentive website to promote the programme, and to allow incentive participants to check their points balance and spend their points on a catalogue of rewards. This website can be updated on a monthly basis with new ways of earning points and even with leader boards of points earners (if required).


In collaboration with you, we will select rewards for our Reward Catalogue that will specifically appeal to your channel profile and your reward budget. Rewards can include retail gift cards, digital vouchers, technology products, sporting goods, seasonal hampers, travel & hotel vouchers, dining out, spa breaks and adventure experiences, and many more. Prices can range from range of €10 – €10,000!


Using our sophisticated Reward Hub, Allgo will receive channel incentive data from you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis – or in real time if integrated with via our API. Points will then be awarded thorugh our Reward Hub, and recipients notified by email and text message.


Points recipients bank and build their points in their online account on the branded incentive website, where they can spend them on rewards listed in the tailored Reward Catalogue. If they would like a higher-value rewards than their points balance, they can just pay the price difference to Allgo.


 Allgo handles all customer service and queries, and ensures fulfilment of rewards ordered within 10 working days.


To keep engagement levels high, Allgo broadcasts a branded Award eZine to all participants every month. The eZine provides a great opportunity to highlight different aspects of the incentive – from latest or most popular rewards to bonus points on offer or other opportunities to earn additional points. The eZines can also be personalised to show the points earned by each participant to date, their relative position in a league table or the additional sales they would need to get to the next level of reward.


You will have access to on demand reports using the Reports Module in the Reward Hub. In addition, Allgo will provide a quarterly management report summarising the key metrics of the programme.



Steps to Channel Incentive Success

Set Goals

Set clear and specific time-definite sales goals – per salesperson, per product, per market etc


Your programme needs to be specifically tailored to your channel sales goals, your budget and your channel profile


The launch phase is a one-off opportunity to make your channel partners sit up and take notice, and generate an immediate impact


The operational key to running an efficient programme is the systematic measurement of channel sales, ideally via a centralised system


The more frequently the channel incentive participants can receive their rewards, the more effective it is


Once rewarded, the channel rep needs to be able to choose from a range of prizes that they find attractive


Regular communication is the lifeblood of any incentive – circulating rankings and leaderboards can be very effective!


Your programme needs to evolve over time with regular reviews to tweaks to keep it fresh and engaging

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