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Managed Long Service Awards

Staff Retention is a key issue for companies today. Recognising employees at key milestones and rewarding them for their loyalty is more necessary than ever.

Technology Rewards

The Ultimate Service Awards Programme 

Many companies are moving away from the traditional long service awards – sending a predetermined gift (yes, very often a crystal vase or a carriage clock!) to the employee when they reach a single milestone of 20 or 25 years.

A more dynamic approach has seen companies revamp their employee Service Awards to introduce more milestones to celebrate – eg 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 year awards. And to introduce more exciting rewards – typically a catalogue of desirable tiered rewards that the employee can choose from themselves.

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Allgo Service Awards – Features

  1. Branded Programme
  2. Branded & Tailored Reward Points
  3. Branded Reward Website
  4. Weekly or Monthly Points Allocation by Allgo
  5. Line Manager Email Alerts (optional)
  6. Milestone Congratulations by Email / SMS
  7. Milestone Calendar Management by Allgo
  8. Secure Participant Logins or Single Sign-On
  9. API Integration Available
  10. Tailored Reward Catalogue
  11. Reward Ordering Online or by Phone
  12. Reward Fulfillment & Customer Service
  13. Dedicated Account Manager
  14. Points redeemed for a tailored choice of gift cards, ecommerce codes, technology products, wellness rewards, travel, leisure, hotels, restaurants, spas, entertainment, experiences and more
  15. Can be configured for €500 small Benefit Scheme (Irish employees only)

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