Why Employee Recognition?

Engaged employees are 17% more productive, 42% more loyal, and 41% less absent. Yet, In a typical company, only 30% of employees are fully engaged at work. Why is this?  Often, it is because employees don’t feel appreciated, don’t feel rewarded, or are not aligned with the company’s goals and values. With Allgo Recognition, you can fix that.


Allgo Recognition Platform

Allgo Employee RecognitionAllgo Recognition is a points-based platform that manages all your employee recognition activities in one place. It helps embed your company values and culture, brings appreciation for good work to the surface, and makes recognition transparent and fun.

Most importantly, it is proven to engage employees like few other HR initiatives can.

With a host of features, customisations, integrations, reward options, languages and currencies, Allgo Recognition brings together years of best practice and leading edge technology to deliver the best employee recognition experience and results.

Clients use the Allgo Recognition platform to manage one or more of – Peer Recognition, Manager Awards, Service Awards, Birthday Rewards, On-the-Spot Awards, Leadership Awards, Employee of the Month, Referral Programmes, Performance Incentives, and year round tax-free rewards on the Small Benefit Scheme (Ireland only).


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Peer Recognition

Unleash the power of peer-to-peer! Give every employee in your company a budget of nomination credits to reward colleagues with for living your company values. Nominations are made online , each with a short explanation, and can be subject to approval.

Rewarded colleagues receive an email with their reward points to build and spend online. And Line Managers can also be automatically notified to acknowledge the employee.  With a host of branding, budget and reward features, our peer recognition programmes are tailored specifically to engage your staff and meet your goals and budget.

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Manager Awards

On-the-spot rewards from every manager! Studies show that immediate Line Manager recognition is the most valued by employees. Now every people manager can issue an On-the-Spot reward to any member of their team. Rewards are issued online and budgets can be set according to size of the managers team.

Reward points are automatically banked in the employees online account, and can be spent in the Reward Store on their choice of hundreds of great rewards.

Service Awards

Allgo Peer Recognition

Automate your Service Awards! Determine the length of service and the reward points for any service milestone. Then, on each milestone date, the employee will automatically receive a Service Award by email, with their Line Manager being notified to provide additional personal acknowledgment.

Reward points are automatically banked in the employees online account, and can be spent in the Reward Store on their choice of hundreds of great rewards.

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Birthday Rewards

Birthday Rewards

Remember every employee’s birthday!

With Allgo Birthday Rewards, on each employee’s birthday they will automatically receive a Birthday Reward by email, with their Line Manager being notified to provide additional personal acknowledgment.

One-Off Awards

Many clients run off-line reward & recognition schemes like Employee of the Month, CV Referral or KPI Incentives.

With Allgo’s Recognition Portal (Reward Hub), HR Managers can issue rewards as needed with minimal admin and complexity. If preferred, you can simply email a spreadsheet to your Allgo account manager who will issue the rewards for you.


Your recognition programme will feature your company branding, not Allgo’s. From your recognition programme name, to your reward points currency, to your programme front-end, to the programme’s reward emails, Allgo will set-up your programme to reflect your employer brand.

And with the multitude of customisations and integrations, we will ensure that your programme works exactly the way you need it to.


Branded Recognition Comms

A key factor in maximising employee engagement is the strategic communications that underpins each Allgo recognition programme. We will brand all email notifications that are sent to nominators, reward recipients, and line managers.

And regardless of whether an employee has sent or received a reward, they will be sent regular branded programme eZines to keep them fully up-to-date and engaged with the programme.

Social Recognition

Now you can take employee engagement to the next level by opening your recognition programme to the power of social!

If enabled, your recognition programme homepage will feature a Recognition Timeline of all rewards with the ability for colleagues to like & comment, and for line managers to DM their congratulations!

Reward Choice

Allgo’s online Reward Store allows employees to spend their points as they wish on a comprehensive catalogue of gift cards, digital vouchers  and products from the top retail, ecommerce, travel, hospitality, leisure, lifestyle, experiential and technology brands.

We offer rewards in every country in Europe, as well as internationally in North and South America, Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Rewards start from as little as €5.

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Tax-Free Rewards

In Ireland, Allgo can configure your ongoing recognition programme to be completely tax-free on the Small Benefit Scheme. This is achieved by combining our points-based recognition platform with our Allgo Mastercard Gift Card to comply with the rules of this employee reward tax scheme.

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With all your recognition managed in one place, you will gain valuable insights into your recognition programme, and your employees’ engagement with it. This is in addition to ensuring your programme is fully transparent and tax-compliant.

With on-demand data reports, quarterly management presentations, and regular calls with your Client Success Manager, you will have all the tools you need to measure results.


Programme Set-up Charge:
€995 – €1,995

Monthly Management Fee:
First 1,000 employees: €2 per employee per month (min €250)
Second 1,000 employees: €1 per employee per month
Subsequent 1,000 employees: €0.50 per employee per month

Reward Costs (points spent, not issued):
Reward Store: Face Value + 10%
Tax-Free Mastercard: Face Value + delivery

Allgo Recognition – Features List

Programme FeaturesRecognition FeaturesReward Features
Programme Consultancy & DevelopmentAutomated Service AwardsCustomised Reward Store per Country (global)
Branded Programme Website (mobile responsive)Automated Birthday RewardsReward Fulfillment
Branded Reward EmailsReward Hub Portal (for issuing one-off rewards)Customer Service
Reward Points Customisation (name, value, expiry etc)Peer RecognitionIn-Programme Promotions (double points, bonus points, jackpot prizes etc)
Line Manager Email Notification (optional)Manager AwardsClient Success Manager
Multi-Lingual SupportSocial RecognitionProgramme Analytics
Multi-Currency SupportNomination Credits Customisation (tiered levels, issue frequency, carry-over etc)On-Demand Data Reports
Regular Branded Programme eZinesNomination Approvals (optional)Management Presentations
Employee Database ManagementSimple Thanks (zero reward nominations)Full Budget Control
Single Sign-OnIn-App MessagingCost Effective Pricing
API IntegrationIn-App Manager Team Overview