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Many companies are moving away from the traditional long service awards – sending a predetermined gift (yes, very often a crystal vase or a carriage clock!) to the employee when reaches a single milestone of 20 or 25 years.

A more dynamic approach has seen companies revamp their employee Service Awards to introduce more milestones to celebrate – eg 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 year awards. And to introduce more exciting rewards – typically a catalogue of desirable tiered rewards that the employee can choose from themselves.

And companies in Ireland can help finance their Service Awards by taking advantage of up to 2 different tax-breaks – the Small Benefit Scheme of to €500 per employee per year, and the limited tax break for long service awards.

Allgo’s Service Awards

Allgo’s Service Awards offers something as lot different than the traditional long service gift-

1. Firstly, Allgo works with you to select the most appealing rewards for your staff from Allgo’s extensive Reward Catalogue, and to divide the rewards into different tiers (eg 1 Star – 5 Star) that correspond to the service milestones you want to reward. Rewards can include retail gift cards, digital vouchers, technology products, sporting goods, seasonal hampers, travel & hotel vouchers, dining out, spa breaks and adventure experiences.

2. Secondly, Allgo will set up a branded Service Award website that will allow employees to interact with the programme. The website will have a branded name and url and contain the logos and colour scheme of your company, and have a login for Award Recipients.

3. At the start of the year, you simply provide us with the dates, service milestones and employee details for all staff who will qualify for a service award during the coming 12 months.

4. The week before each milestone, Allgo produces a branded Award Certificate, which contains your company’s personal message and instructions on how the recipient can choose their award. These branded Service Certificates can either be printed and posted to the recipient or to HR, or can emailed directly to the employee. HR can also elected to download their certificates directly from the Reward Hub, and present it to the employee in person.

5. Service Award recipients can then select their preferred reward online on the Service Award website or by phoning Allgo customer service. Award recipients have huge flexibility in ordering rewards. For example, if an employee is awarded a 4 Star award, they can order 2 x 2 Star Rewards, a single 4 Star Reward, or even 4 x 1 Star Rewards. If they would like a higher-tiered reward, they can also just pay the cost difference to Allgo.

6. Allgo handles all customer service and queries, and ensures fulfilment of rewards ordered within 10 working days.

7. Finally, Allgo broadcasts a branded Award eZine to all employees every month, publicly recognising the Service Award recipients in the previous or coming month, along with any other Award messages you would like to communicate to staff.


Steps to Long Service Award Success


Select a range of milestones to ensure that service awards are a regular feature in the company’s HR calander


Choose rewards that not only fit your budget, but also that employees will actually like!


Make an event out of presenting long service awards, and get the entire workforce engaged in the celebrations


Use an external provider to avoid having to source, store, and dispose of a stock of often unwanted service gifts

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