Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Pricing


CARD FUNDS (amount loaded onto cards)Face Value of Funds
CARD CHARGE (for orders up to €2,000)€5 per card
CARD CHARGE (for orders of €2,001 – €5,000)€4 per card
CARD CHARGE (for orders of €5,001 – €20,000)€3 per card
CARD CHARGE (for orders of €20,001 – €50,000)€2 per card
CARD CHARGE (for orders of €50,001 – €100,000)€1 per card
CARD CHARGE (for orders over €100,000)€0 per card
DELIVERY (up to 100 cards)€15 per order
DELIVERY (over 100 cards)€25 per order
EMPLOYEE NAMES (printed on card envelope)FREE
COMPANY LOGO (printed on card envelope)FREE
ORDER BATCHING (by card value, manager or dept)FREE

(see below for details)

EXPRESS ORDER€1 per card
INDIVIDUAL CARD DELIVERY€2.50 per card (min charge €25)
GREETING CARD€0.50 per card
BRANDED GREETING CARD€0.75 per card (min charge €150)
BRANDED CARD CARRIER€1 per card (min charge €200)
BRANDED CARD€5 per card (min charge €750)

Guaranteed dispatch of cards within 24 hours of invoice payment receipt (Standard orders are dispatched by overnight courier in 3 – 4 working days.)

Postage of cards to individual addresses, with secure online activation based on each individual’s registered email address. If you don’t have all your employees’ addresses, we can provide a secure ordering portal, where employees can login and order their cards for delivery to the postal address they enter.
Individual Card Delivery

Greeting card inside each envelope with your message.
Allgo Mastercard Greeting Card

Branded greeting card inside each envelope with your logo and message. Adds 1 week to leadtimes.
Allgo Mastercard - Branded Greeting Card

Branded card wallet that the card comes in. Adds 1 week to leadtimes.
Branded Card Carrier

Fully branded card. Adds 6 weeks to leadtimes.



FX CHARGE (using card outside of Eurozone)2.75%
CARD MONTHLY FEE€3 per month on any used balance after 12 months
MERGED CARD CHARGE€10 per card merged


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Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

up to €500 tax-free

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

The Ultimate Gift Card

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the use-anywhere gift card that gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where you spend – instore, online and even abroad. And the best news yet is that it can be bought by companies for their Irish employees completely tax-free up to €500 on the Small Benefit Scheme.

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10 Reasons to Choose the
Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

  1. Use anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – instore, online, abroad.
  2. 100% secured by Mastercard.
  3. Certified by Revenue for Small Benefit Scheme – tax-free for Irish employers up to €500.
  4. Guaranteed Irish company.
  5. No commission charged to retailers for accepting the card.
  6. No PIN required – simply swipe and sign at checkout.
  7. Register your card for secure online payments at
  8. Easy online balance check at
  9. Full transaction history available online.
  10. FREE access to exclusive Mastercard offers on

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