Sales Incentives:
Build excitement that
builds to success

Maximise your sales with a sales incentive that fully engages your sales force, and motivates them to achieve their targets.

Study after study shows that an engaged workforce directly leads to higher company performance and profits. Especially these days, when more and more is expected from staff, having a simple, quick and effective way to say thanks is an essential tool in maximising people performance.

No two companies are identical, no business goals exactly the same, and no two sales forces are motivated the same way. AllGo! is expert at listening to our clients to understand exactly what the objectives are and who the target sales force is – and then proposing an appropriate sales incentive tailored to achieve success.

AllGo! has the creativity, technology, experience, and the reward network to offer the perfect sales incentive for your company. From points-based incentives to reward incentives to prize draw promotions, AllGo! will plan and execute the ideal sales incentive for your goals, audience and budget. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your goals.

One single platform offers
a whole world of incentives,
as varied as your staff

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do you need?
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AllGo! Rewards and AllGo! Points were launched in response to the high number of businesses using for incentives and rewards. Today, AllGo! continues to expand services, grow its customer base – both corporate and consumer – and continues to add to its network of gift and reward partners from across Ireland and EMEA.