Small Benefit Scheme 2019

€500 Small Benefit Scheme 2019

Our 2019 Expert Guide to the Irish Revenue’s tax-free employee reward scheme gives you expert info, insights and case studies for getting the most out of the scheme –

    • Small Benefit Rules 2019
    • Tax Savings Calculations 2019
    • Most Popular Tax-Free Rewards
    • Paying Bonuses Tax-Free
    • Extending the Scheme Year Round
    • Other Employee Reward Tax Schemes
    • Small Benefit FAQs
    • Case Studies
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      Published: Sept 2019

Definitive Guide to Performance Incentives

This expert guide gives lots of practical tips and insights into running employee incentive and reward programmes. It’s based on our years’ of experience helping clients get the most out of their employees through incentives & rewards

  • What Performance Incentives can be used for
  • Types of Performance Incentives
  • Types of Rewards
  • Steps to a Successful Performance Incentive
  • Calculating the ROI on Performance Incentives
  • Mistakes to Avoid in your Incentive Programme
  • Case Studies
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    Published: May 2019

HR Trends Report 2019

HR Trends in Ireland 2019

Based on a survey of Senior HR Managers, this report identifies the priorities and challenges for HR in Ireland in 2019.

  • Your HR Department in 2019
  • HR Challenges 2019
  • Recruitment Trends
  • Retention
  • Wage Inflation
  • Reward & Recognition
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    Published: Jan 2019

Guide to Employee Engagement

HR Guide to Employee Engagement

High Employee Engagement is the holy grail of HR and is a significant factor in overall company performance. This definitive guide shows you-

    • Current Stats on Employee Engagement
    • How to Measure Engagement
    • 8 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement
    • How Recognition Can Improve Engagement
    • 10 Steps to Successful Employee Recognition
    • How to Prove ROI on Recognition
    • 12 Pitfalls to Avoid in your Employee Reward Programme
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      Published: June 2018

How Employee Rewards Can Improve Recruitment & Retention

Learn how employee reward programmes can help recruitment and retention by-

  • Building a strong Corporate Culture
  • Getting Managers to Reward Staff more
  • Recognising Employee Performance
  • Making Bonuses Tax-Free
  • Revamping your Service Awards
  • Replacing December-only gift cards with year-round rewards
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    Published: April 2018

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