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Performance Incentives

Definitive Guide to Performance Incentives

Performance incentives encourage higher performance among your employees by offering rewards (either cash or non-cash) for achieving pre-defined performance measures (such as sales targets). While there is some overlap, bonuses differ from…

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Employee Engagement

HR Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement

High Employee Engagement in an organisation is a key indicator of company performance, and can make a significant difference across a host of business criteria, including: Download our lasted eBook “The HR Manager’s Guide…

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Recruitment and Retention

How Employee Rewards can help Recruitment & Retention

With the unemployment rate down to 6.2%, the lowest rate for 10 years, it is no surprise that Recruitment & Retention will be the Top 2 HR Challenges in Ireland this year….

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Why Employee Recognition?

Engaged employees are 17% more productive, 42% more loyal, and 41% less absent. Yet, In a typical company, only 30% of employees are fully engaged at work

Employees do not engage because they don’t feel appreciated, don’t feel rewarded, or are not aligned with the company’s goals and values. With Allgo Recognition, you can fixed that.

Allgo Recognition

Is a single platform that can manage all your employee recognition programmes in one place.

Peer Recognition

Unleash the power of peer recognition! Every employee in your company will have a budget of nomination credits to reward colleagues with for living the company values. Nominations are made online with your values and an explanation for each. Nominations can be subject to approval. Reward colleagues receive an email with reward points to spend online or by tax-free gift card at year end*. With a host of branding, budget and reward features, the programme will be tailored specifically to engage your staff and match your budget. Powerful insights included, and an engagement rate of 90%+.

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Online Nominations

Online nominations on programme website
Company Value / Behaviour PLUS Explanation given for each nomination
Up to 10 Reward Levels for each nomination
Nominations can be centrally approved or automatically approved
Manager-only or all employee nominations
Monthly, quarterly, or annual nomination credits
Credit budget can be set by seniority (ie managers can get more credits than employees)
Credits can expire or rollover
Clients decide the value of nomination credits. Each Credit = 1 Reward Point