Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

(for cardholder FAQs, please visit our dedicated cardholder website

Q. Who can order Allgo Mastercards gift cards?
A. For regulatory reasons, we only sell to businesses, not to consumers. So to order the Allgo Mastercard gift card, you must give us your company or business details so that we can verify that it is a B2B sale.

Q. How much do Allgo Mastercards gift cards cost?
A. Allgo Mastercard gift cards cost between €1 – €5 per card depending on your order volume. Delivery is €15 per order (up to 100 cards) and €25 per order (over 100 cards)  and the only other cost is the amount you want loaded on your cards. For our full price list, please visit our Allgo Mastercard Pricing page.

Q. How long does it take to order the cards?
A. Standard orders take approx. 4 working days from payment of invoice to when you receive the cards. Express orders take approx 2 working days.  The order process is as follows-

  1. Fill out the online order form
  2. Receive invoice by email
  3. Pay invoice by bank transfer or debit/credit card (2.5% fee)
  4. Complete a Security Form (if buying for the first time)
  5. Receive cards (unloaded)
  6. Email to activate cards

Q. How are the cards presented?
A. The cards come presented in an Allgo card holder inside an individual black envelope.

Allgo Mastercard Cardholder

Q. Can I order cards with different amounts for each employee?
A. Yes, absolutely. You can send us a spreadsheet of employee names and amounts, and we will load each card and label the card for each employee. You can also give us Department, Manager, or Reference no. for each employee and we will batch the cards accordingly to make it easier for you to distribute to staff.

Q. Can I brand the cards for my company?
A. Yes you can. We offer different levels of branding (additional costs may apply depending on the order quantity)-

  1. Branded Colour Logo on outside of the black envelope
  2. Branded Greeting Card
  3. Branded Card Carrier
  4. Branded Card (requires Mastercard design approval)

For our full list of optional extras, please visit our Allgo Mastercard Pricing page

Q. What payment options do I have to pay for my cards order?
A. We offer all the payment options below, and payment is required before the cards can be loaded with funds-

  1. Bank Transfer (the quickest and most secure option)
  2. Credit Card (subject to 2.5% charge)
  3. Cheque
  4. Cash

Q. Can we get a spreadsheet of the card numbers for our order?
A. Yes, for security we never record the PAN (the long 16 digit number on the front of the cards), but we can provide you with the partial PAN numbers (last 4 digits).

Q. Can cards be delivered abroad?
A. Yes, cards can be sent abroad for an additional courier charge Please Just ask us for the delivery rate for the country you want the cards delivered to.

Q. Can cards be delivered directly to individuals rather than in bulk to the company?
A. Yes, cards can be sent by post to individual addresses, with secure online activation based on each individual’s registered email address. The cost is €3 per card and the minimum charge per order €30. For our full price list, please visit our Allgo Mastercard Pricing page.

Q. Are there limits to the amounts that can be loaded on each card?
A. The minimum that can loaded onto a card is €10. The maximum is €2,500. The cards can be loaded with any amount within those limits, including euro and cents eg €54.67


Q. How can I be sure that the Allgo Rewards Mastercard complies with the €500 Small Benefit Scheme?
A. We have confirmation in writing from Irish Revenue that the card fully complies-

Revenue Approval - Allgo Rewards Mastercard


Q. How secure are the funds on the Allgo Rewards Mastercard Gift Card?
A. Very secure. The Allgo Mastercard gift card is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland under the European Union (Payment Services) Regulations 2018 (Ref C95957), and the card programme has been fully approved by Mastercard for worldwide payments through the Mastercard network.

Security of funds on Allgo Mastercard gift cards is ensured through the use of protected card account where card funds are held until spent through the Mastercard payment network (or used for card charges if applicable – see our pricing list).

Once loaded, the Allgo Mastercard gift card funds sit in an Irish pillar bank account, completely segregated from Allgo and from the issuing bank, EML Money DAC.  Therefore, in the unlikely event that Allgo becomes insolvent, funds loaded onto the Allgo Mastercard gift card are completed ring fenced and protected against the claims made by creditors.

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

up to €500 tax-free

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

The Ultimate Gift Card

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the use-anywhere gift card that gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where you spend – instore, online and even abroad. And the best news yet is that it can be bought by companies for their Irish employees completely tax-free up to €500 on the Small Benefit Scheme.

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