Allgo Mastercard Legacy Cards

Allgo Mastercard Legacy Cards are gift cards that were issued before June 2020. These cards were issued out of the UK by Railsbank Technology Ltd.

As a consequence of Brexit, financial products issued in the UK are no longer licensed to operate in the EU.  Because of that, the Central Bank of Ireland ordered that Allgo Mastercard Legacy Cards be withdrawn from service in April 2021. If you hold a legacy gift card that still has a balance, you can request a free replacement card by filing in the form below. Your replacement Allgo Mastercard Gift Card will be issued in Ireland (like all our cards have been since June 2020).

How do I recognise an Allgo Legacy Card?
Allgo Legacy Card



To receive a replacement card for your Allgo Mastercard Legacy Gift Card for free-

  1. Fill out the Legacy Card Replacement form above.
  2. We will validate your legacy card – to do this we may need to contact the company you received the card from.
  3. Once validated, we will post you out a replacement card with the same card balance.
  4. For security, your replacement card will be blocked when you receive it. We will send you an activation code and you can then activate your card by emailing

You new Allgo Mastercard Gift Card will work the same way as your legacy card, and will have several advantages over you previous card, including-

  • Issued in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • Register your card on for extra security.
  • View your transactions online (once you have registered your card).
  • Enrol your card for 3D Secure online payments (once you have registered your card).
  • Easy online balance check at (no registration required).
  • Extended 5 Year Valid Thru Date.
  • Suspension of the €3 monthly management fee until 2022

You can use your new Allgo Mastercard Gift Card anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – instore, online, abroad. For full details on using your card, please visit our cardholder website 


Why do I need to get a replacement card?

Unfortunately, due to Brexit, financial products issued in the UK are no longer licensed to operate in the EU after 1st January 2021.  Because of that, the Central Bank of Ireland ordered that these legacy Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards be withdrawn from service.

Are my card funds secure?

Yes. The card funds on the legacy Allgo Mastercard gift cards were securely held in a UK bank, segregated from Allgo’s own bank accounts, and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The card funds for your replacement Allgo Mastercard gift card will be held in a secure bank account in Ireland, segregated from Allgo’s own bank accounts, and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Why wasn’t I notified in advance?

Allgo does not hold contact details for our legacy cardholders, we only have contact details for the companies who purchased the cards, so we emailed all companies in April 2021 advising them to ask their employees with legacy cards to apply for a replacement. Given the uncertainties around Brexit and how it might impact on UK-issued gift cards, we had also posted an advisory notice on our legacy card website – – since October 2020, advising cardholders to spend their card balance before January 2021.

When legacy cardholders check their card balance on, a message informs them to apply for a free replacement card. Ultimately, we are relying on cardholders to contact us to have their legacy cards replaced with new Irish-issued ones. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.

How long will I have to wait for my replacement card?

We aim to have validated your card within a week of receiving your replacement card request, and once validated you should have your replacement card sent to you within another week. So, unless we have an issue validating your legacy card, you should receive your replacement card within 2 weeks of requesting it.

Are there any costs to me for the replacement card?

No, none. We will send you one of our new Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards securely for free, and you will benefit from a suspension of the €3 card management fee until July 2022, giving you more time to spend your card without incurring any charges. For all costs associated with the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card, please see the FAQ section on

How can I check what balance I should have on my legacy card?

We have the final balance of all legacy cards and can advise you of the balance of your card if you do not have a record of it yourself.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Allgo Gift Card Customer Service at or by calling 01 563 4444.

Using your NEWAllgo Mastercard Gift Card is our dedicated cardholders website where you can check card balances, get transaction history, and find answers to frequently asked  questions about using your replacement card.