Set Goals. Build Points. Redeem Rewards.

Points incentives are fantastic for running many incentive programmes, especially where the goal is to encourage repeated behaviour or actions. People have an innate sense of building towards a reward when earning points, and points schemes afford endless possibilities for gamification and positive communication.

Points can also be used in Irish companies to spread the full benefit of the €500 tax-free Small Benefit Scheme over a full year – by awarding points to employees throughout the year, and allowing redemption at the year’s end!

Points incentives offer some significant advantages over other form of incentives and bonuses, especially cash. Employing a powerful combination of our sophisticated online Reward Hub Technology and our comprehensive Reward Catalogue, Allgo will tailor a points incentive programme specifically for your audience your goals, and will fully manage the programme to save you time and resources.


Steps to Points Incentive Success


Set Goals

Set clear and specific time-definite goals for your points incentive



Your programme needs to be specifically tailored to your  goals, your budget and your target audience



The launch phase is a one-off opportunity to make people sit up and take notice, and generate an immediate impact



The operational key to running an efficient programme is the systematic measurement of points earned, ideally via a centralised system


Issue Points

The more frequently people  can receive their reward for incentivised actions, the more effective it is



Once rewarded with points, people need to be able to track their points and build towards a reward that they find attractive



There is absolutely no point in running a programme if the target audience is not regularly communicated to about it!



Your programme needs to evolve over time with regular reviews to tweaks to keep it fresh and engaging

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